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At College Connecting you will find some of the most prestigious colleges to match your interests and needs. If you are serious about taking control of your life and starting a new career then you're in the right place.

Here you will be connected with accredited schools, colleges and universities located near you or online.

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College Survival Guide
  1. What’s your college degree worth?
  2. Should I choose a major my freshman year?
  3. How to create a study schedule to help you succeed
  4. Five easy classroom etiquette rules for freshmen
  5. Take a brain break - get involved in college sports
Get a Degree in Business

A degree in Business can open the door for many career options. Graduates may find themselves working as managers, consultants, or directors in Education, Government, private business, and retail sectors. These positions require exceptional planning, organization, and leadership qualities. If you are an effective communicator who can work well with a team while maintaining strong leadership qualities, you may consider a career in Business.

Save Money on Your Textbooks
  1. Five great tips for saving money on your college textbooks this fall
  2. How to get really cheap textbooks
  3. Best places to rent textbooks
  4. 5 reasons not to share a textbook
  5. Digital textbooks: a popular alternative to expensive college textbooks



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