Excuses For Missing Class

While you are in college the odds are that you will miss class once in a while. Some excuses for missing class are acceptable, while others may tend to aggravate your instructors or cost you academically. Since you are paying for your college classes you are the one who loses out when a class is missed. In addition to the material listed in the syllabus for that day there are usually questions and discussions that can not be made up or done later.

Of course it is unrealistic to expect that any college student will obtain a degree without missing at least one class, but you should try and minimize the number of classes you miss so that you get the best college education possible.

If you miss class and there is a very good reason then simply tell the truth. Many professors have heard all of the excuses before, and can tell when you are lying. As long as you do not make a habit of missing classes most of your professors will understand the occasional situation. If there was a family emergency you can usually get verification of this fact. This verification can include a note from a physician or medical facility, or it can be a program from a funeral service if a relative or close friend has died. Providing verification to your professors will show that the excuse is genuine, and you did not miss because you were out partying all night.

If you missed class because of poor or unacceptable reasons then you feel the need to lie about the reason , but if you do use caution. Lying is not a good choice for a number of reasons. If you are discovered then the professor may mistrust you from that point on. If you use the excuse you had a family emergency and it is not true then keep the details to a minimum. Giving too much information is a sign that you are covering up.

You can also use the excuse of personal reasons that you would prefer not to discuss. This is not specific, and does not put you on the spot. As long as you do not use this excuse numerous times most of your professors will accept it without asking any embarrassing questions that could cause you to lie. When you miss class you are cheating yourself out of valuable knowledge, and this is knowledge that you are paying top dollar for. Make an effort to attend class whenever possible.

A common problem among college students is a party mentality, and professors understand this. If you miss class on a regular basis then your instructors are much less likely to work with you if a real problem occurs. Your grades and future depend on regular class attendance. If you have to miss class for any reason try and get documentation if possible. You should also have an alarm clock that works, because most professors take a dim view of the excuse that you did not wake up because your alarm did not go off and you overslept. If you are not a morning person then try to avoid these times for your classes.


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    Making Up Bad Excuses For Missing Class Can Cause You Your Future.. Just Saying..

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