What Not to Bring to College

Usually one week before classes actually begin, most on-campus students begin the move into their dorm rooms. They bring along their parents and younger siblings to drag bags of clothes, food, and school supplies. However, there are a few things that are best for students to just leave at home. If not for their own well being, then for those around them.

The first and most important thing that incoming freshmen should not sneak into their dorm is alcohol or drug related paraphernalia. Many colleges have a no tolerance policy for alcohol in all dorms, especially freshmen. Some colleges allow juniors or seniors that are 21 years of age to check in a set amount of alcohol for personal consumption. However, it is for their use only and colleges may limit who can be in their room. Other colleges, such as Christian or Catholic ones, have an absolute no alcohol on campus policy. There is absolutely no reason to bring alcohol into the dormitories. Getting caught drinking underage can ruin your future in most professions, including teaching.

Leave any weapons you may own at home. A college is not the place for your rifle or pistol. If you are planning to hunt in the area, you can check your weapons with the local campus police who will place them in a safe until you are ready to use them. However, for the most part, there is no reason to bring it to college. After a night of partying or drinking, your thought process is lowered, allowing you to make rash decisions that can alter your entire life. Take the incident at Frostburg State University this year. Three young men spent an entire night drinking and later got into an altercation. Since one had his hunting rifle in his off-campus housing, he proceeded to shoot his two friends, severely wounding one and killing another. Alcohol and weapons just don’t mix. Leave it at home to avoid any issues.

While bringing hygiene products including soap, shampoo, and perfume to college is completely acceptable (and strongly encouraged), leave the strong stuff at home. It is okay to spray one or two (at the max) squirts. However, bathing in or completely soaking your shirt with Adidas cologne is usually sickening to others around you in the classroom and the dorms. You’ll know you’ve overdone it when people are sneezing or moving their seats away from you.

Another thing that you should also leave at home is your pets. Some people think it is cute to sneak their kitten into their campus housing. However, it is usually annoying to your roommate, especially if the animal isn’t house trained. You must also play the game of hiding the animal in the event of random inspections. If the animal gets sick, don’t even try to use it as an excuse for missing class. Just leave it at home for your parents to deal with.

While it may sound appealing to bring your subwoofer and speaker sound system to your dorm room, it just isn’t going to fly. First off, the dorm room is like a 12 foot by 10 foot space, and the speakers will end up taking up half your walking room. Secondly, even on a low setting, the noise will still be loud enough to annoy your neighbors. Save that for your junior or senior year when you rent your own house (with a basement to put it in).

Although many no-nos in the college dorms should be obvious, it is amazing to see what new things students try to sneak in next. Use your common sense and be courteous of those around you. In a world where you are trying to stand out, do it for the right reasons, rather than for your underage alcohol charge.

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