Ten Ways to Get Noticed by Your Professor

Every college student dreams of finding that one professor who adores them. You are looking for someone who you can talk openly with and seek guidance/advice from. Some students will do anything to befriend a professor. However, use caution with these 10 ways to get noticed. You may find yourself getting noticed, but for all the wrong reasons.

1) Walk into class 5-10 minutes late every single day. Be sure to crack your flip flops across the floor as you find your seat. Consider even waving and saying “hey.”

2) Leave your cell phone on. When it starts ringing the latest Beyonce song, start nodding and singing along. After 30 seconds of listening to the song, answer the phone. Whisper loudly that you are in class. But quickly share a few details about last night’s party at the local bar.

inattentive student3) Set your text alert to the Chipmunk’s tune “Hey, you got a message.” Text throughout class, but hide your phone under the desk.

4) Keep one IPOD headphone in your ear. You are fully capable of listening to the football game while learning about the Vietnam war.

5) Skip class every single Friday. With 15 weeks of school in each semester, coming up with that many excuses won’t be too hard.

6) Acknowledge each and every one of his/her mistakes. If your professor uses a double negative, raise your hand immediately and correct her. If she spells something wrong on the chalk board, feel free to erase and fix it during class.

7) Neglect to show up for required appointments and conferences. Why would you need to spend 15 minutes of your precious time uncomfortably sitting in the professor’s office discussing your misuse of dangling modifiers? Explain that conferences are a waste of time and you can learn on your own.

8) Use your 1:00 class as an opportunity for an afternoon nap. Slouch down in your seat and cover your eyes with sunglasses. Just be sure someone wakes you up at the end of class or else you may miss your next one.

9) Choose your seat carefully, as professors often notice who sits where. Try to get the very last seat in the back corner of the classroom. Even if there is only 5 students in the class, your professor won’t mind speaking loudly so you can hear.

10) At the end of the semester (if you make it this long), ensure the professor that you are looking for classes that he/she is teaching next year. Since you have been a valuable asset to this class, you know your professor will be excited to see you on next year’s attendance list.

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