Why Go to College?

Stress increases as you watch the clock tick down toward graduation. Confused about college? Overwhelmed by piles of promotional brochures, catalogs, spirit flags, and other materials from every college and university imaginable? Every school wants you to attend. You don’t know where you want to go, what you want to study, or why you even need to go to more school. 13 years of school seemed like more than enough to you.

Before you run off determined to end your education at high school, consider these 7 reasons for attending college:

1. Many jobs require a degree that provides specialized training. An accountant needs to have a bachelor’s degree in accountancy and pass the CPA. A computer programmer needs to learn multiple programming languages. A nurse needs to take medical and science classes to obtain certification.

2. Even in positions that don’t require a degree in a specialized field, employers are increasingly looking for candidates with a college degree. Even if a position doesn’t require a degree, your education can set you apart from other applicants. Many jobs require just a bachelor degree without specifying a particular area of study.

3. You’ll receive a well-rounded view of the world around you. College exposes you to a variety of subjects and opportunities. Especially in a larger university, you will meet people from all over the world and find your way outside your provincial bubble. You’ll find that Asians and Europeans view life differently than Americans.

4. While taking various classes, you can learn about different fields in which you may want to work. You might enter school as a math major but enjoy your history of civilization class so much that you want to teach history. Many students enter college undecided but have a much better idea about their desired major by the end of their freshman or sophomore year.

5. You can build lasting relationships with people you meet at college. You’ll make friends and maybe even find a special someone to spend the rest of your life with.

6. If you attend college far away from home, you’ll develop skills for living on your own. You’ll learn to get along with the many roommates who reside in your rooms over the years.

7. College builds discipline as you learn to juggle homework, friendships, and other responsibilities. You have to find time to sleep in between writing multiple 5-page papers, hanging out with your buddies, and planning for a Business Association meeting the next day. You’ll (hopefully) develop time management skills essential to future careers and to life in general.

Remember that life doesn’t end when your education finishes. You have to find a job, maybe start a family, and be able to survive in today’s fast-paced world with a lean economy. College will prepare you for life more than high school ever did.

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